I'm Sydney

This is my why.

To put a long and ongoing story short- YOU are my why. I'm a people person and an artist. Photography started out as a hobby so that I could create and connect with my friends. Then after a few less-than-optimal experiences of my own in front of the camera, it became a way for me to positively impact my community and help others capture their own stories in a beautiful way. These skills are also helpful within my own family as I document my husband's journey through medical school and the adventures of our little one.

for over 3 years

I've been telling your stories through pictures. 

From the first kiss as "spouse" at your wedding, to when you bring your new born home, to each year  when you go through the stress of coordinating for family pictures and wonder "why do I do this every year..." I am there for you (and have tips and tricks to make it less stressful!). Photography has not only brought me a sense of fulfillment through art but it has brought me connection to the culture, community, and world around me. I have a deeper appreciation for life through the stories that I get to capture. 

i can help.

A few of my favorite things 

Well besides taking pictures I love...
  • Hiking, Born and raised in the Mountains of Utah I am ALWAYS up for a good hiking adventure. In fact, my husband proposed to me on Mount Timpanogos at sunrise
  • Animals, especially my two German Shepherds: Abby & Rhett
  • Being a mommy to my adorable, bald-headed toddler boy and being wife to the hottest medical student in town
  • Music, whether it's playing music, listening to music or even sometimes creating music I LOVE it. Actually majored in Music Education and teach piano lessons as well