Salt Flats- “I know I’m Dangerous”

This shoot at the Salt Flats in Utah was a dream come true, for both of us!

Mikelle is a hard working single mom of two boys who is no stranger to hardship, but her determination, hard work, love for her boys and love for God has helped her overcome everything life has thrown at her. She reminded me of a song by the band RIVALS called “Dangerous.” There is a line that says “I am a woman with no regrets,” that I felt really brought out Mikelle’s fire during this shoot. There’s a line about demons knocking on her door but they wont dare come in because they know better than to mess with this dangerous woman- WOW!

Mikelle said she had always wanted to do a shoot like this but was nervous to make it happen-insert me. I have always wanted to do a flowy-dress-on-the-salt-flats shoot so it just felt like fate! And was it a magical photoshoot? Yes… Just look for yourself!

Dress is from Olivia’s Rentals

August 12, 2022

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